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Compix Compix Persona

Character Generators

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  • - 7 years of proven success in Asia
  • - 6 VirtualOverlays™
  • - 5 essential features included - clip playback,advanced image file import, live frame grab, timeline editing,customizable transition effects
  • - Built 4 LIVE
  • - 3D creation, import, and real-time rendering
  • - Use upstream or downstream of the switcher
  • - Intuitive GUI with WYSIWYG layout
  • - Multilingual support*
  • - Pre-assembled and pre-configured turnkey systems
  • - Windows 7 OS
  • - Dual power supply optional
  • - Advanced 2D features
  • - Ready-to-use templates
  • - HD-SD switchable
  • - Compatible with GenCG
  • - Embedded and AES audio
  • - Unicode character support
  • - GPI trigger
  • - Unlimited font choices
  • - Digital and analog clocks
  • - 4:3/16:9 format conversion
  • - Render to disk (NLE)
  • - Virtual preview
  • - Dual operations support
  • - Live edit preview
  • - Safe areas and grid display
  • - Smart text import

Add Personality to Your Broadcast Graphics

Compix Persona is the next generation broadcast graphicssolution that provides powerful live motion, advanced CG capabilities,and the ease-of-use that Compix is famous for. You can now integratereal-time 3D/2D objects, moving clips, key framed animations, and otherfeatures to create stunning on-air presentations and effectivelycommunicate the message to your audience.

Ideal for any broadcaster or production studio seeking aneasy, speedy, and stable turnkey solution with a great price, CompixPersona is the best investment you will make in reaching out to youraudience and bringing out the unique personality of your production.Your audience must see it to believe it!

Incorporating over twenty-five years of broadcast graphicsexperience, Compix Persona is a built-for-live system. You can easilymake edits or add new templates while it is on-air.

Read on as we point out 7 of the most compelling benefitsabout Compix Persona for your broadcast graphics needs.

6 VirtualOverlays™


Compix Persona's VirtualOverlay™ enables real-time creation ofmultiple and independently controlled virtual pages. These pages arethen composed into a single physical channel. You can output a ticker,a station ID, a lower third, and video clip, all from a single channel.

Each VirtualOverlay™ is completely independent from eachother, making it extremely easy to control. Fixed location objects suchas clocks, timers, and station logos can remain on the output andoperate without disruption. Still or animated logos, channel IDs, lowerthirds, scoreboards, over-the-shoulder graphics, text crawls, RSSfeeds, and temperature displays can quickly and easily be inserted ortaken off at your fingertips. Each VirtualOverlay™ has its ownsequencer, making it easy to toggle among several pages during liveoperation.

Building additional pages on top of your default page andoutputting them all simultaneously, using only one physical channel,can save you tens of thousands of dollars by eliminating the need forpurchasing multiple units, or units with multiple physical channels.

2 Ways to Use

Standalone Downstream



Compix Persona can be used as a standalone broadcast graphicssystem without any additional video hardware, wiring, or othertechnical equipment. With our built-in downstream keyer, you can sendyour video stream directly into our system, overlay it with your customgraphics, and send the final combined output to the destination of yourchoice. Everything you need to add your special graphic touch isincluded with the Compix Persona system, so plug it in, turn it on, andgo!


Switcher Upstream


Connected in the traditional upstream configuration, CompixPersona can also be used in traditional video production facilities aswell. Compix Persona created professional SMPTE-compliant broadcastquality graphics, providing both video key and fill outputssimultaneously and in real time. Compix Persona can also be used withany digital video switcher available on the market today. Whether in anew or an existing production setup, Compix Persona can be connecteddirectly into your facility's existing video switcher and provide theadvanced graphics for all your production needs.


Compix Persona Video Specifications
Video I/O Standards Supported

1920x1080i (60/59.94/50)
1280x720p (60/59.94/50)


(1) HD-SDI, Passes HANC and VANC
(1) SD-SDI, Passes VBI

(1) HD-SDI key and fill
(1) SD-SDI key and fill

System Genlock
HD-SDI, BB, Tri-level Sync
Internal, Input video

Compix Persona System Specifications**
Minimum System Specifications

Intel Core i5

Windows 7 Professional

2GB Dual

Hard Drive
500GB SATA HDD (7200RPM)

1 Ethernet 10/100/1000 BaseT (RJ-45)
2 RS-232 (DB-9)
6 USB 2.0

Power Specifications
Power Supply: 500W
110/220 Volt 60/50 Hz (Auto-sensing)
Dual redundant hot swappable power supplies

Physical Dimensions
4RU rack mount chassis
Height: 7 in (17.78cm)
Width: 19 in (48.26cm)
Depth: 20 in (50.80cm)
Weight: 37 lbs (16.55kg)

Compix Compix Persona
Character Generators




Compix Persona is the next generation broadcast graphics solution that provides powerful live motion, advanced CG capabilities, and the ease-of-use that Compix is famous for.

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