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Middle Atlantic WMRK Series


[Image: Middle Atlantic WMRK Series]

Middle Atlantic WMRK Series
Multi-Vendor  ServerEnclosure

Optimizedfor use with servers from leading manufacturers
  • Standard front and rear adjustable cage nutstyle rail with Z-rail adaptors to accommodate most server-slide kits
  • UL Listed in the US and Canada
  • Fully welded construction provides:
    • Static load capacity: 10,000 lbs.
    • UL Listed load capacity: 2,500 lbs.
    • Seismic Certified load capacity: 1,090lbs.
  • Seismic certified to the following codes andstandards: 2007 & 2010 CBC; 2006, 2009 & 2012 IBC; ASCE 7-05(2005 Edition) & ASCE 7-10 (2010 Edition) and the 2006 & 2009editions of NFPA 5000 for use in areas of high seismicity Zone 4 orSeismic Design Category (SDC) "D". These are designed for MissionCritical and/or High-Importance Installations in locations with thehighest level of seismicity and top floor or rooftop installationsincluding those within UBC and CBC Essential facilities or IBC, ASCE 7,and NFPA 5000 Seismic Use Group III facilities. For all codes, theImportance factor (Ip) is 1.5. Seismic Certified load capacity of 1,090lbs. when used with WMRK-Z4 seismic floor anchor brackets.
  • 24" overall width optimized for use onraised floors
  • Z-rail adaptors accommodates mostserver-slide kits
  • Configured for passive thermal management
  • Designed to allow fully integrated racks tobe ganged
  • Removable split bottom rear panel allowscable bundles to be easily passed over or under the WMRK's key-lockingsplit rear doors (standard on configured racks only)
  • Rack top includes five integral glandgrommeted 4" cable pass-through (48" depth includes seven cablepass-throughs)
  • Stud in base of rack facilitates the propergrounding and bonding of electronic equipment, as per NEBS and NECstandards
  • Configured models include:
    - 70% vented locking front door
    - 79% vented locking split rear door
    - 20 amp power strip (20 outlets for 42 space models; 10 outlets for 24space models)
    - Face mounted temperature monitoring module with local and remotenotification
    - 42 space model shall additionally include 3-1/4" width verticallacing strip
  • Non-configured models do not include a reardoor

Middle Atlantic WMRK Series




WMRK Series Multi-Vendor Server Enclosure

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