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Middle Atlantic BGR Series


[Image: Middle Atlantic BGR Series]

Middle Atlantic BGR Series

BGR = Breakthrough Next-Generation Rack

This is the "Next Generation" Rack you have been wanting! BGR seriesracks have higher weight capacities, provide more useable rackspace,and incorporate more functionality than any other rack system on themarket. Features the revolutionary patent-pending LeverLock™ system fortool free installation of cable management accessories. New optionsinclude brush grommet rear doors and problem-solving extender bays.Choose a BGR enclosure for the highest level of space efficiency andstrength available, and to enable the use of the latest options forinstallation flexibility.

Structural Features

  • Breakthrough design provides more useable rack height – forexample, the 45 space version overall height is shorter than 44 spacealternative models
  • Accepts patent-pending LeverLock™ system accessories forfast, flexible cable management and mounting of small devices such asinterface boxes, power supplies, and relay modules
  • Unique new extender bay adds 3" of useable depth to thefront or rear of the enclosure at any time. Extender bays allow the useof existing doors and can even be stacked for greater depths
  • Pre-threaded ganging holes allow ganging while fully loaded
  • Wide open bottom accepts multiple base options
  • Standard front and rear adjustable wide, heavy-gauge, 10-32threaded rackrail with numbered rackspace increments speeds equipmentmounting
  • Labels included to indicate rail position front to back
  • Finished in a durable black textured powder coat

Thermal Management

  • Top options include solid, vented, and thermostaticallycontrolled DC fan tops for efficiency
  • Standard vented door accepts optional doors

Cable Management 

  • Accepts LeverLock™ system tool free cable managementaccessories
  • Cable entry choices include generous laser knockouts andchoice of trade size openings and/or grommetted pass-throughs
  • The generous 21" wide top opening provides for full-widthcable and conduit entry, and includes vertical cable entry tie pointson both sides
  • Optional brush grommet rear door kit can be mounted top orbottom to provide a large cable passage with easy access to the cableswithout fishing

Regulatory / Certifications

  • Static load capacity - 12,000 lbs.
  • UL Listed in the US and Canada. UL Listed load capacity -3,000 lbs.
  • Seismic certified to the following codes and standards:2007 & 2010 CBC; 2006, 2009 & 2012 IBC; ASCE 7-05 (2005Edition) & ASCE 7-10 (2010 Edition) and the 2006 & 2009editions of NFPA 5000 for use in areas of high seismicity – Zone 4 orSeismic Design Category (SDC) “D”. These are designed for MissionCritical and/or High-Importance Installations in locations with thehighest level of seismicity and top floor or rooftop installationsincluding those within UBC and CBC Essential facilities or IBC, ASCE 7,and NFPA 5000 Seismic Use Group III facilities. For all codes, theImportance factor (Ip) is 1.5. Seismic Certified load capacity of 1,175lbs. when used with BGR-Z4 or BGR-ISO-Z4 seismic floor anchor brackets.

Middle Atlantic BGR Series




BGR = Breakthrough Next-Generation Rack

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