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Middle Atlantic MultiDesk Video


[Image: Middle Atlantic MultiDesk Video]

The all-new MultiDesk Video studio furniture line is equally suited for the project or professional studio. Specifically designed to accommodate most popular digital mixers, all the modular components of this versatile system can be used together in any combination ...allowing endless configuration possibilities! Utilizing a modular design, the MultiDesk Video system allows you to configure your furniture to accommodate the way you work. Whether you're a corporate video editor or a freelance graphic artist, you can combine the six models in the series in any combination to create a system that meets your specific requirements. Featuring an attractive graphite top and sturdy steel tube legs, the new MultiDesk Video system makes application-designed multimedia furniture available to those who previously had to choose an office desk or other furniture ill-suited for the job.
 MDV-DL Desk
The all new MDV-DL provides a largeralternative to the MDV-DSK straight desk, as well as more choices foroptional equipment racks. Featuring a 59" wide footprint, and includesa large one piece overbridge that is set 6" above the desktop forergonomic viewing. The sturdy steel-tube leg set provides a standard28-1/2" desktop height, allowing the MDV-DL tobe used with either theEdit Center line of isolation racks, or MDV-R12 side rack.
MDV-CNR1Corner Desk
The MDV-CNR1 Corner Desk includes a onepiece overbridge that is user-configurable three ways:
. one 4 space rackbay in center, or
. two 4 space rackbays on sides, or
. middle supports justified to outside to accommodate mixers up to 32"wide Overbridge provides 7" inside height clearance.

MDV-CNR3 Corner desk
The MDV-CNR3 Corner Desk includes a threepiece overbridge specifically designed to accommodate mixers with tallmeter bridges. The overbridge center section is user-configurable twoways:
. 11 1/4" inside height clearance, or
. 16 1/2" inside height clearance Center section provides 30" insidewidth clearance.

MDV-DSK Straight Desk
The MDV-DSK Straight Desk includes anoverbridge that is user-configurable two ways:
. two 4 space rackbays, or
. remove center section to accommodate mixers up to 39" wide Overbridgeprovides 7" inside height clearance.

MDV-R12 Side Rack
Add an MDV-R12 Side Rack to any MultiDeskVideo desk for additional rackmount capacity and desktop space.Constructed from high quality black laminated MDF, provides 12 rackspaces. Optional MDV-CK Caster kit adds 1/2" tooverall height.

MDV-OB4 Overbridge
The MDV-OB4 Overbridge mounts on top of theMDV-R12 rack and provides an additional 4 rack spaces. When placedbeside any MDV desk, a contiguous surface is maintained.

Middle Atlantic MultiDesk Video




MultiDesk Video studio furniture

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