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Cobalt Digital 9931-EMDE


[Image: Cobalt Digital 9931-EMDE]

9931-EMDE 3G/HD/SD-SDI Embedder/De-Embedder

The Fusion3G® 9931-EMDE base model is a 3G/HD/SD-SDIembedder/de-embedder with full embedded audio and ancillary datasupport. Remote control is quick and easy with the free DashBoard™remote control software, the Cobalt OGCP-9000 remote control panels, oroptional SNMP agent software for openGear™ frames.

Alternate Base Models

  • 9931-EM    3G/HD/SD-SDIEmbedder
  • 9931-DE    3G/HD/SD-SDIDe-Embedder

Standard Features

Full 3G/HD/SD-SDI support on BNC coaxAdvanced audio processing allows routing, gain, delay,and flexible mixing as standard features
GPIO ports with user-definable functions and anadvanced data logging feature provide the utmost in system automationand monitoringCentralized GUI remote control using DashBoard™software and Cobalt OGCP-9000 remote control panels —presets allowsaving and recalling of custom settings
Five year warranty

Options Information

Select from options to add fiber I/O, analog video I/O, AESand analog audio I/O embed/de-embed – all on the same module. Thislevel of integration reduces module count and simplifies the signalchain, as well as providing flexibility for ever-changing systemrequirements, including 3-D TV compliant 1080p. Options also includefunctions beyond embedding/de-embedding, allowing tailoring of the9931-EMDE to meet your specific needs. Color correction, Dolby®E/AC-3 encoding and decoding, ITU BS.1770 loudness metering, and LinearAcoustic upmixing and loudness processing are all availableindividually or in combinations as options. Where fullembedding/de-embedding capability is not required, the 9931 card is available as the following base model versions (if desired later,any of these versions can be field upgraded to 9931-EMDE functionalityusing a firmware upgrade without removing the card from its frame).

Optional Features

I/O Options

LTC RS-485/Audio Input/Output (+LTC)
Provides LTC input/output and bi-directional conversion between VBI andLTC on RS-485 or any audio I/O.
Fiber Inputs/Outputs (+FRx/+FTx/+FRxTx/+FRxRx/+FTxTx)
Provides one or two fiber connections per card. Inputs can serve anyfunction in the product; outputs can be assigned from any function inthe card. Connector type is dual LC with blind-mate connectors. Cardsare fully swappable.
Universal Analog Video Inputs/Outputs (+ANVIO)
Provides an analog video input and output (CVBS, component, RGB (syncon green))
Analog Audio Inputs/Outputs (+ANAIO)
Provides up to eight channels (total) of balanced analog audio, withthe eight channels selectable as input or output
Analog Audio and Universal Video Inputs (+ANAVI)
Provides an analog video input (CVBS, component, RGB (sync on green)),and up to eight channels of balanced analog audio inputs
Analog Audio and Universal Video Outputs (+ANAVO)
Provides an analog video output (CVBS, component, RGB (sync on green)),and up to eight channels of balanced analog audio outputs
Video Options

Color Correction (+COLOR)
Provides independent RGB channel controls for luma, black, and gamma.Ultra-fast response time. The color correction feature is perfectlysuited for use with Cobalt OGCP-9000/CC Remote Control Panel.
Audio Options

Linear Acoustic Software Loudness Processing(+LP5.1/+2LP2.0/+LP2.0)
Featuring Linear Acoustic AEROMAX™ technology and available in5.1-channel (LP5.1), dual stereo (2LP2.0), and/or signal stereo(LP2.0), these loudness processors use inputs from any source receivedby the card, or any mixing setting produced by the card. AEROMAX™algorithms use a sophisticated multi-band approach to loudnessprocessing, and can apply multi-faceted loudness correctionspecifically targeted to various frequency ranges and othercharacteristics within the program material, resulting in audio freefrom abrupt loudness or image shifts while preserving more of theoriginal content than previously possible.
Software Loudness Meter (+LM)
Cobalt's audio loudness metering option (in conjunction with a CobaltOGCP-9000 Remote Control Panel) provides a flexible solution for ingestor on-air loudness metering and assessment, in compliance with ATSCA/85 and ITU BS.1770. With LKFS measurement, true peak level detection,error tracking and logging, and intuitive interface with touch screencontrol, this feature provides easy to use and thorough audio level andLKFS assessment information.
Linear Acoustic Software Upmixer (+UM)
Featuring Linear Acoustic UPMAX™ technology, upmixing allows legacystereo program content to be converted to full 5.1-channel audio.UPMAX™ mode detects 2.0 content and automatically applies upmix mode(with configurable switchover fade-in/fade-out) depending on absence orpresence of 5.1 source audio.
Dolby® E/AC-3 Decoding (+DEC)
Decodes AC-3 and Dolby® E signals from AES or embedded sources.Full metadata support; both SMPTE 2020 and serial.
AC-3 (Dolby® Digital) Encoding (+ENCD)
Provides AC-3 encoding from any combination of audio sources supportedby the card (including mixed and loudness controlled signals). Fullmetadata support using internally generated or external metadata viaSMPTE 2020 or serial. Metadata can be embedded and/or outputted on aserial port.
Dolby® E Encoding (+ENCE)
Provides Dolby® E encoding from any combination of audio sourcessupported by the card (including mixed and loudness controlledsignals). Full metadata support using internally generated or externalmetadata via SMPTE 2020 or serial. Metadata can be embedded and/oroutputted on a serial port.


Video Input/Output (1 In, 4 Out)
SD: 486i59.94, 576i50
HD: 1080i59.94, 1080i50, 1080p24, 1080p23.98, 1080psf24, 1080psf23.98,720p59.94, 720p50, 720p24, 720p23.98
3G: SMPTE 425 level A and B: 1080p59.94, 1080p50
Cable Length: 3G/HD/SD: 120/180/320 m (Belden 1694A)
Frame Reference Input
Signal: SMPTE 170M/318M “Black Burst”
SMPTE 274M/296M “Tri-Level”
Return Loss: >35 dB up to 5.75 MHz
Audio/Video Delay
Conversion Latency: 1 frame
Frame Sync Min Latency: 2 lines
Video Delay: 3G/HD/SD: 0.5/1.0/5.0 sec
Audio Delay: 16 channels, per channel adjustment, 1 sample step size
Up to 5 sec delay for each ch
AES Audio Input/Output (8)
Physical Interface: BNC per AES3-id
Input Level: 0.2 to 2 Vp-p
Output Level: 1.0 Vp-p
Impedance: 75 ?
Return Loss: >15 dB up to 6.144 MHz
Input SRC Range: 32 to 96 kHz
Input SRC Performance: >130 dB THD+N
Analog Audio Input/Output
Input Impedance: >10 k?
Input Clip Level: +24 dBu (eq. 0 dBFS)
Max Output Level: +24 dBu (eq. 0 dBFS)
Freq. Response: ±0.12 dB (20 Hz to 20 kHz)
SNR: 115 dB (A weighted)
THD+N: -96 dB (20 Hz to 10 kHz)
Analog Video Input
ADC bit depth: 12-bit
Sampling: 54 MHz (4X over-sampling)
Freq. Response: Y/CVBS : ± 0.25 dB to 30 MHz
Pb/Pr: ± 0.25 dB to 15.0 MHz
Noise: < -60 dB to 30 MHz (unweighted)
Differential Phase: < 1.5 degree
Analog Video Output
DAC bit depth: 12-bit
Freq. Response: Y/CVBS : ± 0.25 dB to 30 MHz
Pb/Pr: ± 0.25 dB to 15.0 MHz
Noise: < -60 dB to 30 MHz (unweighted)
Differential Phase: < 1.5 degree
Differential Gain: < 1 %
Fiber Input/Output
Connectors: Dual LC, Standard Polish
Fiber Type: 9/125 micron, single mode
Mating system: Blind mate
TX power: -5 dBm @ 1310 nm
RX power: -16 to -3 dBm / 1260 to 1620 nm
GPI (2)
Connector: 3 terminal contact closure
Mapping: Flexible, input select, ARCing, preset recall, and others
GPO (2)
Connector: 4 terminal, isolated relay contacts
Mapping: Flexible, error indication, status change, and others
Serial Ports
Connector: Phoenix 3 Terminal
Levels: Software switchable between RS-232 and RS-422/485 specification
Protocol: Dolby® metadata, logging output, and others


Cobalt Digital 9931-EMDE





9931-EMDE 3G/HD/SD-SDI Embedder/De-Embedder

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