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Ikegami IPD-BX110

IP Network Camera

[Image: Ikegami IPD-BX110]

This isIkegami's new Mega-Pixel IP Network Camera Series featuring highperformance and high sensitivity. It is designed for easy installationto perform what you expect. The IPD-BX100 series provide highresolution, high sensitivity, high picture quality, backlightcompensation and auto iris function etc to meet with entiresurveillance application needs.

IPD-BX100 series:
IPD-BX100 | IPD-BX110 | IPD-DM100


  • 1/3" 1.4MP CMOS Sensor is employed.
  • Latest H.264 Compression Engine
  • Smear Less
  • Varuous Picture Adjustments
  • Auto Iris Function
  • Frangeback Adjustment for zoom lens
  • PoE Compatible
  • Focus EZ Function
  • Audio Input
  • Automatic White Balance (ATW or AWC)
  • AnaglogVideo Output (BNC)
  • Day & Night Function (IPD-DM100 & BX110)
  • Remote Focus (IPD-BX110)
  • SD Card Access (IPD-BX110)
  • Privacy Mask (IPD-DM100 & BX110)
  • Backlight Compensation
  • Motion Detection (IPD-DM100 & BX110)
  • Optional VMS Compatibility
    Milestones, DVTel

    Ikegami IPD-BX110
    IP Network Camera




    High Performance, High Sensitivity Mega-Pixel IP Network Camera

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