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Da-Lite 3D Projector Stacker

Rear Projection Screens

[Image: Da-Lite 3D Projector Stacker]

3D Projector Stacker

Constructed from a sturdy aluminum extrusion with steel projector cradles, Da-Lite’s 3D Projector Stackers are the perfect mounting solution for front or rear projection stereoscopic 3D displays. Available with two shelf sizes, either 10” x 19” or 19” x 33 ½”, the 3D Projector Stackers will accommodate the most common projectors in the market.

Each unit has two cradles to mount two projectors in either a table top or inverted format. Because projector alignment is critical to an excellent 3D display, each cradle offers a host of fine tuning adjustments to make image alignment simple and efficient.


Da-Lite 3D Projector Stacker
Rear Projection Screens





Da-Lite 3D Projector Stacker

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