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Da-Lite Tensioned Professional Electrol

Electric Screens

[Image: Da-Lite Tensioned Professional Electrol]

Tensioned Professional Electrol

The Tensioned Professional is now available in Video Format sizes up to 18' wide and HDTV Format sizes up to 21'8"! The Tensioned Professional Electrol® is fully customizable to aspect ratios and sizes upon request and includes a three position Decora style wall switch.

The Tensioned Professional Electrol® can be controlled with Da-Lite's Video Projector Interface, Single Motor Low Voltage Controller, or Da-Lite's line of Integrated Screen Control products for more sophisticated control and networking. All surfaces will be seamless. Front projection surfaces standard with black backing for opacity.


Da-Lite Tensioned Professional Electrol
Electric Screens





Da-Lite Tensioned Professional Electrol

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