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Wohler LM106-2

Analog Level Meters

[Image: Wohler LM106-2]

1U analog 2-chan 106-seg hi-res level meters.
The LM Analog Series of analog audio level metering units provide from one to twelve pairs of 53-segment level meters (LM53), one to three pairs of 106-segment level meters (LM106), one to two pairs of 30-segment level meters (LM30), or one pair of 60-segment level meters (LM60). Standard input connectors for the LM Analog Series are "mini" Phoenix type terminal block connectors. XLR connector inputs are available as a custom option for all versions except the LM53-24. Input connector type is determined by the customer at time of ordering. Analog input connector impedances are 27 K ? (ohm), balanced, and may be adjusted for Reference Level gain via a rear panel DIP switch(s). The standard display mode is set as a single segment PPM ‘dot’ above a VU bar; each segment’s color is fixed according to its position on the scale. Each bargraph meter section (pair) may be individually adjusted for a number of parameters, including Display Mode, Peak Hold, PPM Ballistics, Alternate Scales, and Phase Correlation via rear panel and internal DIP switches. An Auto Line Level Calibrate feature is also available.


Wohler LM106-2
Analog Level Meters





Wohler LM106-2

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