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Ikegami ICD-48 / 48E

B/W CCTV Cameras

[Image: Ikegami ICD-48 / 48E]

The ICD-48/ICD-48E is a 1/2" CCD Multi-Function DSP Monochrome Camera, which is High Sensitivity (0.0075 lux at F1.2) and High Resolution (Horizontal Resolution 570 TV Lines [EIA]/ 560 TV Lines [CCIR]). Furthermore it is a high performance of Digital Signal Processing and remote set up is available even if a camera is installed at the height.

  • High Sensitivity
    It is suitable for an outdoor surveillance, which requires 24 hours surveillance continuously, with its high sensitivity performance of 0.0075 lux at F1.2. Furthermore its sesitivity reaches to near-infrared range (800nm to 1000nm approx.), which is about five times higher than conventional IT CCD camera.

  • High Resolution and High Quality Picture
    It has a high horizontal resolution of more than 570 TV Lines (EIA)/ 560 TV Lines (CCIR) and realizes a high quality picture of Signal to Noise ratio more than 50 dB.

  • Low Smear Level
    It is a low smear design of -120dB. Even if there are headlights of car on the scene at the parking lot, natural image can be taken.

  • Remote set up is available
    Not only by pushing buttons on the rear panel of camera for set up, but remote set up by RS-485 is also available. It is available to change set up from a PC through RS-485 connection after installation, even if it is installed at the height and the distance.

  • BLC (Back Light Compensation) function
    In addition to a common BLC function, it has a SPOT BLC function which adjusts the selected area with appropriate brightness.

  • Electronic Shutter
    It has 9 steps of manual electronic shutter from 1/60 (CCIR 1/50) to 1/ 100,000 seconds. And it also has a variable shutter function which can change its shutter speed variably with its range from 1/60 (CCIR 1/50) to 1/ 100,000 seconds.

  • Fulfilling functions are equipped.
    It has fulfilling functions like an AES (Automatic Electronic Shutter) function, 2 ways of Auto Iris Functions; VIDEO Iris and DC Iris, and a LINE LOCK function.


    Ikegami ICD-48 / 48E
    B/W CCTV Cameras





    1/2" CCD Multi-Function DSP Monochrome Camera

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