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Ikegami ISD-A21

Color CCTV Cameras

[Image: Ikegami ISD-A21]

As the newest addition to the Ikegami Hyper Dynamic Camera employs an extremely wide light dynamic range enabled by the newest Pixim DPS technology and Ikegami's digital processing technology. It is a Hyper Wide Light Dynamic Range Camera that reproduces a clear and natural image even in locations where there is a significant difference in the intensity of illumination, such as window areas, or in lobby entrances of buildings. ISD-A21 delivers 520 TV line of horizontal resolution with a signal- to-noise ratio of over 50dB. It boasts superior picture quality and allows for the reproduction of clear colour images. It achieves a minimum object illumination of 0.75lux in colour and 0.075lux in monochrome. In addition, the camera is equipped with an electronic sensitivity control function of up to 32 times and it is able to capture an image with a light level as low as 0.022lux in colour and 0.0022lux in monochrome. Not only does the ISD-A21 produce a high quality daytime colour image, but also a clear night time monochrome image is delivered due to the True Day/Night change-over system by which it changes to a monochrome mode automatically in low light conditions. It also can be controlled by switch through external sensors, etc.


Ikegami ISD-A21
Color CCTV Cameras





Hyper Wide Light Dynamic, High Sensitivity and High Performance True Day/Night Color Camera

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