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Marshall Electronics V-LCD5.6-PRO

LCD Monitors

[Image: Marshall Electronics V-LCD5.6-PRO]

The V-LCD5.6-PRO is a 5.6" color monitor with built-in speaker and reverse image function. The V-LCD5.6-PRO adds a new dimension of clarity in viewing video signals in mobile and fixed monitoring applications. It is equipped with sound, color, contrast and brightness controls. This monitor also has an earphone plug for private sound monitoring. The mirror-image function on this unit makes it ideal for RV's or busses with a camera to view behind while backing up. Comes complete with built-in tilt stand, adapter cables and power supply. An optional swivel stand is also available separately, (part number V-LCD4-ST). This monitor also available as a kit with case and rechargeable battery pack, part number V-LCD5.6-PRO-KIT.


Marshall Electronics V-LCD5.6-PRO
LCD Monitors





Marshall Electronics V-LCD5.6-PRO 7" Cable Ready NTSC TV/Monitor

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