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Marshall Electronics V-RD151-4

LCD Rack Mounts

[Image: Marshall Electronics V-RD151-4]

Another save saving monitor in a drawer is the V-RD151-4. This model features a Quad Split and Sequential Switcher for composite video signals. The 1024 768 display produces a high resolution image. For added flexibility, this unit can accomodate composite video, Y/C (S-video)or XGA computer signals for monitoring (S-video and XGA inputs are only available in full screen mpde). All connections are accessed from the rear of the drawer enclosure and include loop through for each signal. When the display is closed into the drawer, a keyed lock is provided for secure transport. Power supply and owners manual are included.

  • High Resolution 1024 768 pixels, 786,432 total
  • Bright 250 candle luminance
  • 4 Video inputs with 75W termination and active loop through feature
  • Ultra-compact design fits in EIA standard rack 1U high
  • Built-in Quad Splitter/Sequential Switcher
  • Available in NTSC or PAL format
  • Key lock for secure transportation


    Marshall Electronics V-RD151-4
    LCD Rack Mounts





    Marshall Electronics V-RD151-4 15" Rack Mountable Pull-Out Drawer LCD Panel with Built-in Quad Splitter

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