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Marshall Electronics V-R151P

LCD Rack Mounts

[Image: Marshall Electronics V-R151P]

The V-R151P is a 15" LCD rack mounted unit 6U high with a 125 channel TV Tuner and Audio. This panel has 1024 x 768 pixels producing a true high resolution image. The built-in audio system has a stereo input that is mono compatible. For added flexibility, this unit has a green tally light and can accommodate NTSC/PAL composite video, TV, S-Video or XGA for computer monitoring. All V-R Series models are constructed of steel and aluminum, and can be tilted 90 degrees while rackmounted. Unit includes power supply and owners manual.

  • High Resolution 1024 768 pixels, 786,432 total
  • Bright 250 candle luminance
  • Ultra-compact design fits in EIA standard rack 6U high
  • Built-in Speakers
  • Built-in 125 Channel TV Tuner (NTSC only)
  • Self-powered tally system
  • NTSC/PAL configuration switch
  • Unique 180 degree tilt adjustment while mounted in rack


    Marshall Electronics V-R151P
    LCD Rack Mounts





    Marshall Electronics V-R151P 15" Rack Mountable LCD Monitor with Built-in 125ch TV Tuner

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