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Allen & Heath XOne

Audio Mixers

[Image: Allen & Heath XOne]

Xone:V6 is an echo of the earliest daysof pro audio, when idealistic individuals created outstanding productsfree from cost or time constraints. Such creations were never cheap.Nor did they sell in their thousands. But they did become landmarkdesign classics.

The Xone:S6 has been introduced to makethe sonic purity and top-class performance of the Xone:V6 accessible toa wider audience. Built with exactly the same components as the V6, itboasts all the same features, with the exception of the valve preamps,which only the Xone:V6 has available.

Xone:S2 is a new analogue installationDJ mixer for use in clubs and bars, and by professional mobile DJ’s.It’s a 19” rack-mount 4U mixer featuring 4 stereo dual-input channels,2 mono mic/stereo line channels, with a choice of linear or rotary VCAchannel faders, along with the legendary Xone analogue filter and ahost of other functions. Uniquely, a USB audio interface is provided,enabling easy integration of digital media. The USB interface can beused for playback and recording to or from the Xone:S2 anda computer,or used with software to act like a hardware effects unit. The Xone:S2represents the ideal package for club installers, with many featuresdesigned to integrate it into a typical PA system, including an outputlimiter system that enables the installer to preset the maximum outputlevel of the mixer. A dedicated alarm input mutes all music channels,and an alarm message audio input connection is provided. An additionalstereo input (RCA) is accessible on the front panel - enabling guestDJs to patch in additional music sources.

The Xone:92 represents the culminationof everything we’ve learned from the DJ market. It’s the result ofsomething we’ve done since Day One - listening to DJ’s. The result is aversatile mixer that promises to fulfill every wish list, with featuresto suit all styles from breakbeat to techno, trance to house

Voted Best Club Installation Mixer
in the DJ Magazine Techno-Scan Awards 2002 & 2003

This purebred club mixer has truly raised the bar in terms of clubaudio quality. It’s also quickly become the mixer of choice for many ofthe world’s greatest DJs, thanks to its pristine sound, its phenomenalVCF filters and its creative 4 band EQ. Club owners - if you want toknow how good your big-money speaker system could sound, try it with aXone:62.

When we decided to build a club mixer,we wanted to satisfy club techs and DJs alike. Xone:464 naturallyshares its construction methods with our pro touring desks, so venuescan depend on it for outstanding audio and reliability.

The Xone:42 is a new compact 4 -channelDJ mixer with USB audio interface, designed for DJ’s of all abilitiesand experience from top pro DJ’s to bedroom enthusiasts who want acompact quality mixer with pro features. Integral to the mixer’s designis a new feature - the ‘X-FX‘ control - allowing signal to be sent toexternal FX, and returned to be combined with the now legendary XoneVCF filter system. There’s even a USB port which allows easy connectionto a computer and integration of digital media, which can be used toplay back music files from a laptop and to record mixes, or used withsoftware as a digital DJ effects unit.

The Xone:3D is a unique performance DJcontroller that for the first time enables the seamless integration ofcomputer-based digital media into the traditional DJ workspace.Combining a fully featured, high specification professional analogue DJmixer with a comprehensive MIDI control system and a high endmulti-channel USB soundcard, the Xone:3D has been designed inconjunction with some of the world’s most cutting-edge DJ/producers.

Is it us, or do most DJ mixers looklike they’ve been designed by middle-aged failed guitarists who thinkall DJs are naughty 12 year-olds?? We’re a bit different. All the Xonesare created by a design engineer with 20 years’ DJing experience underhis belt, so they’re serious consoles for creative adults.

The Xone:2D is a combination of a 9stereo channel USB 2.0 soundcard and MIDI controller, which DJ’s cancombine with their existing analogue mixer to create a complete DigitalDJ mixing system, perfect for integration with DJ software such asAbleton Live and Traktor DJ Studio. The 96kHz 24-bit USB 2.0 soundcardis provided with a large array of connections for easy interfacing intoany DJ setup, while MIDI clocks are generated using the tap tempobutton or by analysing the BPM of incoming audio, available from allinput channels. One of the input channels can be switched between micand line, while the unit is completed by a comprehensive onboardmonitoring system.

The Xone:1D is a dedicated MIDIcontroller connected and powered by USB, which can be used to controlDJ software such as Ableton Live and Traktor3. Use the Xone:1D with anyDJ mixer to add digital control, or add the 1D to a Xone:2D to yourfavourite mixer to make up the equivalent to a Xone:3D! As well as theUSB connection, the Xone:1D has 5-pin DIN MIDI sockets for connectionto other MIDI-enabled devices, such as samplers, sequencers orrecorders. In the same way as the acclaimed Xone:3D mixer/controllerworks, all the MIDI controls can be mapped to software for use asnavigation controls, providing the user with the same tactile controlof performance software.

From inputs to outputs, we createdXone:02 to be the world’s greatest battle / scratch mixer. Thecrossfader is a deluxe Penny & Giles VCA design, reversible, theyall have contour controls and they can all be easily replaced byremoving the steel faceplate. We’ve kept the fader area clear foraction and we’ve kept controls like pan and EQ out of the way on lowprofile sliders. Even the transform switches can be rotated to work theway you like them. Don’t go into battle with anything less.

The XONE:VF-1 is a high quality, 1Urack analogue filter unit equipped with a wide range of input andoutput connectors, which features an enhanced version of the legendaryXONE Filter circuits. An RIAA preamp version - the Xone VF-1R -enabling direct connection to turntables, is also available.

Allen & Heath XOne
Audio Mixers





Allen & Heath XOne

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