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Mogami Console


[Image: Mogami Console]

MogamiConsole Internal / External Wiring Cables

The copper conductors of all these console cables aremadeof famous NEGLEX OFC, hence we can recommend any of thesewithconfidence for the highest quality wiring of mixing consoles,rackpanels, and studio equipment.

  • All cables feature XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)whichhas excellent electrical characteristics and preventsshrink-backduring soldering.
  • Served (spiral) shield provides easier cable terminationandbetter sound quality than braided shield.
Standard Console Cable
Part No. W2944
  • Small size for space saving.
  • Very flexible and easy to use.
  • Ten colors available for easy identification.
  • Same configuration as the core of our standard multimic.snake cable series (EZID models).
  • Additional drain wire makes wiring efficient, as it canbecrimped by the same size crimp terminal, as the conductors.
Large Conductor SizeConsoleCable
Part No. W2806
  • #22AWG conductor version technically similar to#W2549NEGLEX balanced Mic. Cable except for smaller outer jacket.
  • This item is designed for permanent installation andwherelarger conductor size is required such as long runs.
  • Jacket Colour: Only Gray is available.
Mini-Quad Console Cable
Part No. W2799
  • Quad configuration reduces electromagnetic noise.
  • Four different colours of insulation makes it possibletouse as a four conductor overall shield cable.
  • Conductor size: same as #W2944
  • Jacket Colour: Only Gray is available.
Large Size Quad Cable
Part No. W2820
  • #24AWG conductor version technically similar to#W2534NEGLEX quad Mic. Cable except for smaller and slippery outerjacket.
  • This item is designed for permanent installation andwherelarger conductor size is required such as long runs.


Part No.W2944W2806W2799W2820
No. ofConductor2244
ConductorDetails30/0.08 OFC30/0.12 OFC30/0.08 OFC20/0.12 OFC
Size(mm²)0.15mm² (#26AWG)0.34mm² (#22AWG)0.15mm² (#26AWG)0.226mm² (#24AWG)
InsulationOv. Dia.(mm)1.0Ø (0.039")1.9Ø (0.075")1.0Ø (0.039")1.6Ø (0.063")
Core ColorsRed / ClearBlue / ClearBlack / Red / Blue / ClearBlue / Clear (Quad)
Size0.18mm² (#25AWG)---
Served ShieldApprox. 58/0.10AApprox. 58/0.10AApprox. 60/0.12AApprox. 64/0.18A
JacketOv. Dia.(mm)2.5Ø (0.098")5.2Ø (0.205")3.2Ø (0.126")5.0Ø (0.197")
Core ColorsBlack / Brown / Red /Orange/ Yellow / Green / Blue / Purple / Gray / WhiteGrayGrayGray
Roll Sizes50m (164 Ft)
100m (328Ft)
200m (656Ft)
200m (656Ft)
50m (164 Ft)
100m (328Ft)
200m (656Ft)
200m (656Ft)
Weight per200mRoll2.5kg8kg3.8kg8kg
DCResistanceat 20°CInner Cond.0.13W/m(0.040W/Ft)0.058W/m(0.018W/Ft)0.13W/m(0.040W/Ft)0.083W/m(0.025W/Ft)
Capacitanceat1kHz, 20°C
(Partial C. Value)
See below figure*
Inductancebetweenconductors at 1kHz, 20°C0.6µH/m(0.18µH/Ft)0.8µH/m(0.24µH/Ft)0.5µH/m(0.15µH/Ft)0.4µH/m(0.121µH/Ft)
ElectrostaticNoise**20mV Max.5mV Max.1.5mV Max.50mV Max.
ElectromagneticNoise0.1mV Max.0.2mV Max.0.02mV Max.0.15mV Max.

Voltage BreakdownMust withstand at DC 500V/15sec.
Insulation Resistance100000 MW×m Min. at DC 125V, 20°C
Using standard testing methodsofMogami Wire & Cable Corp.* Patial Capacitance

Part No. W2944 & W2806

Part No. W2799 & W2820

Mogami Console





Mogami Console Internal / External Wiring Cables

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