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Analog Transmitters

[Image: Screen Service 5 kW ps TRANSMITTERS and TRANSPOSERS]

The television transmitters in this series are available in different versions for the VHF I, VHF III and UHF frequency bands and in different configurations that permit their installation and operation in sites with different characteristics and environmental conditions.The exciters used, which are available in different television standards and with a broad range of options may be single or double with automatic switch-over.The final amplifier consists of distinct amplifiers operating autonomously and combined in such a way as to guarantee full redundancy of the stages. Each individual amplifier is, in turn, internally redundant and powered independently in order to ensure high reliability and practicality in maintenance operations.Microprocessor circuits carry out continuous control checks and provide for the visualization of all the operating parameters of the equipment on an LCD display as well as transmitting them to rear-mounted connectors for remote interfacing.By replacing the analogue exciter with an equivalent DBT or DTT series exciter, the same unit can be used for the transmission of digital signals subject to an extremely limited de-rating thanks to the high degree of linearity and the oversizing of the amplifiers.The great efficiency of the power supply circuits guarantees low power consumption and a high degree of MTBF.

  • Modular construction.
  • Forced air cooling.
  • AGC and ALC controls.
  • 3-slope linearity precorrection.
  • Excellent noise figure.
  • LDMOS technology in UHF versions.
  • Digital ready.
  • Channel change from front panel (optional).
  • Pre-set for precision OFFSET.
  • Multifunction digital display.
  • Soft-start circuit.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Economy circuit in case of input signal lack.
  • SAW vestigial filter.
  • Incorporated power limiter.
  • Sync restore (SCT).
  • Automatic white level and sync limiter (SCT).
  • Multistandard modulator (SCT).
  • Available in stereo/dual sound version.


    Screen Service 5 kW ps TRANSMITTERS and TRANSPOSERS
    Analog Transmitters





    Screen Service 5 kW ps TRANSMITTERS and TRANSPOSERS

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