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Da-Lite Horizon Electrol

Electric Screens

[Image: Da-Lite Horizon Electrol]

Horizon Electrol

The Horizon Electrol is the first screen available allowing four-position masking with the touch of a button. Dry contacts are provided on the electronic controller so you can adjust the screen to the factory presets from a properly equipped projector or master control. Careful engineering ensures the masking remains flush against the surface of the screen, preventing distracting shadows around the image. Patented in-the-roller motor mounting system allows for quiet operation. Equipped with a six-button wall switch, you can automatically open and close the screen, halt operation and position the screen into any of the four aspect ratios. Matte White and Video Spectra 1.5 fabric will be seamless in all sizes. High Power fabric up to and including 6' high will be seamless.


Da-Lite Horizon Electrol
Electric Screens





Da-Lite Horizon Electrol

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