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Hotronics ATS51

Dual Channel TBC/Frame

[Image: Hotronics ATS51]

Dual Channel TBC/Frame Synchronizer With A/B Roll Switching

  • Single or Dual Channel Composite Input/Output
  • Time base correction for Heterodyne VTRs
  • Frame synchronization with full frame memory
  • 4 times sub-carrier sampling, 8 bit resolution
  • Digital comb filter
  • Gen-Lock capability
  • Handle high speed search
  • Full proc-amp control with no interruption presets
  • Constant H phase for matched frame edit
  • Constant SC/H
  • Cut/dissolve switching
  • Compatible with S-VHS, VHS, U-matic SP, Hi 8, Betacam Camcorder, Satellite feed
    *Single Channel can be packed in a non-rackmount size chassis or 1U rackmount chassis

    Hotronics ATS51
    Dual Channel TBC/Frame





    Hotronics ATS51

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