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Sierra Video DigiLinx™ TimeCache Module

Frame Synchronizers

[Image: Sierra Video DigiLinx™ TimeCache Module]

Sierra Video

TimeCache brings multi-line processor outputs (such as production switchers, DVE's, and digital chroma keyers)back into time with house sync. These units can be used to delay camera outputs in virtual studio systems to be in time with computer rendered backgrounds created 4 to 8 frames after corresponding camera movements. TimeCache units can also provide safety delay for live-to-air broadcasting.


The input to output delay of Time Cache adjusts using rear panel switches or using the SmartLinx system. Thedelay can be set in one pixel increments. TimeCache works in both 525and 625 line per frame environments.
517135-XX Specifications:

Power Consumption: 5V, <1A; 8V, <.5A;-8V,<.05A
Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 50 deg. C(non-condensing)
Operating Humidity Range: 0 to 95% RH(non-condensing)
Model 517135-30: 0.233 - 1.86 second delay
Model 517135-40: 3.73 second delay
Model 517135-50: 7.46 second delay
Model 517135-60: 14.9 second delay


Sierra Video DigiLinx™ TimeCache Module
Frame Synchronizers





Sierra Video DigiLinx™ TimeCache Module

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