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Pro Cyc System Super3EZ


[Image: Pro Cyc System Super3EZ]

3'6" Radius Built-In System With 450 Corner Design Features*

Our System Super3EZ provides an additional degree of configuration to a cyclorama. This system is the choice for the "true professional." A diagonal performance corner can be created by placing any number of cove modules betweend the 450 degree corners. With a 3'6" vertical radius and a 5' horizontal radius, lighting the corner is easy and allows users to shoot multiple angles. This non-parabolic corner reduces noise reflection so common with symmetrical (900 degree corner) cycloramas. For this reason, System Super3EZ is an excellent choice for video, post production, and virtual set technology.This built-in version of our state-of-the-art cyclorama system has no height restrictions and can be used in large or small studios for any application.Modules arrive drilled and trimmed. Joints are finished with conventional user-supplied dry wall construction.

*Pro Cyc CertifiedInstallation is available for this system


  • Corner Module: 45degree witha 3'6" Cove radius & 5’ Corner Radius  
  • Cove Modules: 3'6" radius x 4' wide
  • Material: Hi-Impact ABS Plastic
  • For a full built-in installation, or it can be partof aBuilt-in and Freestanding combination for L & U shaped cycs wherethere is only one or two built-in walls available (combination with ourSystem4FS)

  • Best Uses for System Super3EZ:

  • A very effective and affordablesolution for television and film studios
  • Perfect for news and sports desk sets with1-6 people
  • Often usedforPost Production
    Cove Modules: 3'6" radius x 4' wide
  • As aphotographystudio for small to medium sized products (e.g. small cars,motorcycles, etc...)
  • Anyapplicationwhere studio design and/or sound is of high importance
  • Ideal forvirtualset backgrounds and HD TV Studios

    Typical Users:
  • News agencies and Cable TV studios
  • Home shopping channels
  • Government agencies
  • Colleges, universities, and art/technical schools
  • Studios utilizing virtual reality technology


    Pro Cyc System Super3EZ





    Pro Cyc System Super3EZ

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