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Pro Cyc System 5


[Image: Pro Cyc System 5]

5’ Radius System For Built-In Applications*

If you have the space, this is the ultimate in a cyclorama system. Pro Cyc’s System 5 is designed for large stages and studios where an extremely rugged and durable installation is required. The large 5’ radius coves are made from molded fiberglass and can withstand extreme punishment from cars, furniture groups, and large studio crews with equipment.The generous 5' radius provides an easy-to-light background in any shooting situation. Cove and corner sections provide smooth gradual transitions between floors, walls, and ceilings.To make this the system with no limits, we went even further. System 5 is available with a 90 degree corner, or 45 degree corners. Cove sections are 8’ wide or 4’ wide and can also be custom made in any size to fit your particular studio footprint

*Pro Cyc Certified Installationisavailable for this system


  • Corner Module: 90 degree or 45 degree with a 5'radius
  • Cove Modules: 5' radius x 8' or 4' wide (custom lengths arealsoavailable)
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • For built-in installations only

  • Best Uses for System 5:

  • Perfect for large studios hostingproducts such as cars, trucks, etc...
  • Ideal for rental studios
  • Ifa TV orfilm studio has the permanent space available, this is theperfect cyc
  • Ideal foranystudio with the need to be able to shoot in a variety of lightedsettings, from full technical lighting to mood to graded lighting

    Typical Users:
  • Television and film production studios
  • Rental Studios
  • Commercial Photographers with adequate studio space
  • NASA
  • Auto Studios


    Pro Cyc System 5





    Pro Cyc System 5

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