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Cobalt Digital 5540


[Image: Cobalt Digital 5540]

Cobalt Digital

The 5540 is a full-featured, legacy* digital frame compliant high-quality 10-bit SDI SMPTE 259M-C to analog composite, Y/C and component YPbPr and RGB. The 10-bit encoding engine over samples 4:2:2 to 4:4:4 for internal processing and then 4x over samples the outputs to 16:16:16 for improved signal performance. An internal VCXO with de-jitter loop filter to 2Hz reduces digital jitter prior to encoding, improving burst stability on composite and Y/C signals. A reference circuit, color frames the 5540 for timed environments with full user digital proc. control.


Cobalt Digital 5540





5540 D/A 10-bit SDI to Analog Composite, Y/C and Component

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