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Ikegami SDR-304

Digital Video Recorders

[Image: Ikegami SDR-304]


4CH DigitalRecorder

SDR-304digital recorders for video security, this recorder is of the highestquality and long time recordings. Recording quality with very lowdegradation by making full use of unique digital technology. As apioneer of DVR's, Ikegami put broadcast video technology to work in thesecurity industry. It has been finalized as a more friendly recorderwith functions which has been required for professional video security.

  • Networkable (10 / 100Ethernet, supplied with viewing software)
  • Networkable (10 / 100 Ethernet, supplied with viewingsoftware)
  • Instant searches by date, time and alarm/ event
  • Pre-alarm function, which start recording before alarmevent
  • E-mail notification upon alarm
  • Recording time settings from 18.4 hours to 594 days
Recordchart for SDR-304 with a 80GB hard drive
< without Audio>

<with Audio>

 Record ModeStandard     ResolutionMedium   ResoluationHigh  Resolution
 Record ModeStandard     ResolutionMedium   ResoluationHigh  Resolution
0.1 fps594 days334 days227 days
0.1 fps108days94.7days83.5days
0.2 fps297 days167 days114 days
0.2 fps91.1 days73.5 days60.9 days
0.5 fps119 days67 days45.5 days
0.5 fps62.6 days44.4 days33.8 days
1 fps59.7 days33.5 days22.8 days
1 fps40.7 days26.5 days19.3 days
2 fps30.8 days17.1 days11.5 days
2 fps24.5 days14.9 days10.5 days
5 fps12.6 days6.9 days4.6 days
5 fps11.4 days6.5 days4.5 days
10 fps6.3 days3.5 days2.3 days
10 fps5.9 days3.3 days2.3 days
15 fps4.2 days2.3 days1.6 days
15 fps4.0 days2.2 days1.5 days
30 fps2.1 days28 hrs18.6 hrs
30 fps2.1 days27.3 hrs18.4 hrs

Design andspecifications are subject to change without notice.


Ikegami SDR-304
Digital Video Recorders





Ikegami SDR-304 4CH Digital Recorder

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