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Ikegami ISD-A10

Color CCTV Cameras

[Image: Ikegami ISD-A10]

This model has been DISCONTINUED and is no longer available.
Please email or call us for it's closest replacement.
sales@a2dsolutions.com 866-223-7253

ISD-A10 is single chip color camera employing a new 1/3-inch DPS (Digital Pixel System) imager, which realizes a high performance and multi functions. Especially it provides a high performance of Hyper Dynamic and smearless picture under the backlight condition. This camera provides satisfactory performance and functions for the surveillance applications like Wide Dynamic Range, 2-way auto iris, auto-white balance and etc.

  • Wider range of visible scene in real time
    The new DPS Imager has an exceptionally wide dynamic range. This allows scenes to be handled that have wide range of luminace, varying from dark to very bright.

  • Against for strong light
    The image provided is smear-less even in the presence of strong light. A high level of detail can be observed in the picture even under this condition.

  • Catch the image of Fast moving object
    Fast moving objects can be captured under low light conditions.


    Ikegami ISD-A10
    Color CCTV Cameras





    Wide Dynamic Color Camera

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