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Ikegami ICD-47 / ICD-47E

B/W CCTV Cameras

[Image: Ikegami ICD-47 / ICD-47E]

ICD-47(EIA)/47E(CCIR) is a high-sensitivity, higher-resolution B/W surveillance camera with 1/2" CCD for high-quality pictures. The camera inporporates Line-Lock, Auto Shutter, Back-light compensation, two way Auto Iris and delivers horizontal resolution of 570TV Lines(EIA)/560TV Lines(CCIR) with Minimum Illumination of 0.02 lux/f1.4. Smear Level -120dB. The camera also supports near infrared imaging.

  • Horizontal resolution 570 TV Lines (EIA), 560 TV Lines (CCIR).
  • Auto shutter function and low smear feature permits high light video level.
  • Minimum illumination 0.02 lux/f1.4, 0.0065 lux/f0.8 equivalent.
  • Back Light Compensation (BLC).
  • Infrared sensitivity Five Times higher than conventional cameras with IT-CCD.
  • Video iris lens or DC iris lens can be used.
  • Smear level -120dB high-quality picture, provides crisp pictures.
  • Switchable Line Lock/Internal Lock.
  • Flange back adjustable.


    Ikegami ICD-47 / ICD-47E
    B/W CCTV Cameras





    Low Light High IR Sensitivity B/W CCD Camera

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