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Multidyne AES-2200

Fiber Optics

[Image: Multidyne AES-2200]

Channel, AES/EBU, Digital Audio Fiber Optic Multiplexer (Preliminary)
  • Supports 6 AES/EBU digital audio channels (12 mono) and 4SimplexRS232, RS422 or RS485 data channels over one optical fiber.
  • System supports up to 6 AES/EBU 75 Ohm Un-balanced and upto 3AES/EBU 110 Ohm Balanced signals.
  • Supports up to 96 KHz sampling rates.
  • Audio and Optical front panel status indicators with dryalarmrelay contacts.
  • Modular configurations with all optical wavelengths, LEDMultimode and Laser Single-mode.
  • Coarse Wave-division Multiplexing (CWDM) systems areavailablefor up to 8 wavelengths over ONE optical fiber.
  • Optical budget of up to 30 dB for Single-mode.
  • Universal AC operation for 85-265 VAC and Telco DCoperation for48 VDC.
  • Now support analog video, analog audio, serial digitalvideo anddigital audio in the same tray. The UTIL-200-DVM Tray supports theDVM-2200 Video, 6 Audio and 3 Data Transport Cards, the DTV-220/230 SDITransport Cards, the DTV-201/210F SDI Fan-out and Reclocking Cards, theDAM-2200 6 Audio and 3 Data Transport Cards and the AES-2200 6 AES/EBUand 3 Data Transport Cards.
  • Applications include links from studio to transmitter(STL),studio to studio, studio to CATV head-end, common carrier, RBOC Telcocircuits, distance learning, Intelligent Transportation Systems &back-haul feeds from special events.


Multidyne AES-2200
Fiber Optics





Multidyne AES-2200 8 Channel, AES/EBU, Digital Audio & Data

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