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VESA VGA Cable (For Plug & Play)


VESA VGA Cable w3206

MOGAMI Part No. W3206-08 is a specially designed cable to meet VESA standard for plug and play. Applicable up to 30 m (100 Ft) long, and possible to solder to a very small and troublesome Shrink Dsub 15P connector.

Shrink Dsub 15P Pin Assignment
Pin No. Standard VGA DDC1 Host DDC2B Host DDC2B+or
DDC1/2 Display
1 Red video
2 Green video
3 Blue video
4 Monitor ID bit 2 Optional
5 Test (ground) Return
6 Red video return
7 Green video return
8 Blue video return
9 No connection
(mechanical key)
+5volt supply
(mandatory supply)
+5volt load
(optional use)
10 Sync. return
11 Monitor ID bit 0 Optional
12 Monitor ID bit 1 Data from display Bi-directional data (SDA)
13 Horizontal sync.
14 Vertical sync..
15 Monitor ID bit 3 Open Data clock(SCL)

Wiring Instruction When all 15 Pins're Wired
Pin No. Assigned Core
1 Centre Conductor of Red Coax.
2 Centre Conductor of Green Coax.
3 Centre Conductor of Blue Coax.
4 Brown Lead Wire, #28 AWG, PVC
5 Orange + Green Lead Wire, #28 AWG, XLCPE
6 Shield Conductor of Red Coax.
7 Shield Conductor of Green Coax.
8 Shield Conductor of Blue Coax.
9 Black Lead Wire, #26AWG , PVC
10 Shield Conductor of White + Yellow Coax.
11 Red Lead Wire, #28 AWG , PVC
12 Yellow Lead Wire, #28 AWG , XLCPE
13 Centre Conductor of White Coax.
14 Centre Conductor of Yellow Coax.
15 Blue Lead Wire, #28 AWG , XLCPE

Configuration VESA VGA Cable diagram w3206d
Part No. W3206
Core Configuration 5×75W Coax. (#28AWG)
3×Twisted-Pair (#28AWG)
1×Power (#26AWG)
Coax. Conductor Details 17/0.08A
Size(mm²) 0.0854mm² (#28AWG)
Insulation Ov. Dia.(mm) 1.7Ø (0.0669")
Material XLCPE
Color Natural
Served Shield Approx. 54/0.10A
Jacket Ov. Dia.(mm) 2.4ì (0.0945")
Material PVC
Colors Red / Green / Blue / White / Yellow
Lead Wire Conductor Details 4 × (17/0.08A)
Size(mm²) 0.0854mm² (#28AWG)
Insulation Ov. Dia.(mm) 0.95Ø (0.0374")
Material XLCPE
Colors Orange / Yellow / Green / Blue
Lead Wire Conductor Details 2 × (17/0.08A)
Size(mm²) 0.0854mm² (#28AWG)
Insulation Ov. Dia.(mm) 0.85Ø (0.0335")
Material PVC
Colors Brown / Red
Power Lead Wire Conductor Details 1 × (30/0.08A)
Size(mm²) 0.15mm² (#26AWG)
Insulation Ov. Dia.(mm) 1.0Ø (0.0394")
Material PVC
Color Black
Filler Polypropylene
Binder Thickness 0.025mm (0.001")
Material Paper Tape
Ov. Shield Braid Shield
Ov. Jacket Ov. Dia.(mm) 9.8ì (0.386")
Material PVC
Color Dark Gray
Roll Sizes 77/153m (250Ft/500Ft)
Weight per 77m (250Ft) Roll 9.0kg

DC Resistance at 20°C Inner Conductor Coax. 0.22W/m(0.0671W/Ft)
lead Wire 0.22W/m(0.0671W/Ft)
Power Lead 0.12W/m(0.0366W/Ft)
Shield Conductor Coax. 0.044W/m(0.0134W/Ft)
Ov. Shield 0.0076W/m(0.0023W/Ft)
Capacitance (1kHz, 20°C) 58pF/m (17.7pF/Ft)
Characteristic Impedance(10MHz ) 75W±10%
Attenuation (10MHz) 0.085dB/m (0.0259dB/Ft)
Phase Constant (10MHz) 0.30rad/m
Electromagnetic Noise at 10kHz 0.2mV Max.
Voltage Breakdown Must withstand at DC 500V/15sec.
Insulation Resistance 10000 MW × m Min. at DC 250V, 20°C
Tensile Strength(22°C, 60%RH ) Over 980 N
Emigration Non-emigrant to ABS resin
Applicable Temperature -20°C‾ +60°C(-4°F‾ +140°F)
Standard VESA, UL20124 AWM 60°C 30V VW-1