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Mogami IEEE1394 Fire Wire

High Performance Serial Bus Cable

IEEE 1394 is a Serial BUS standard designed for use in real-time applications such as sound, video, and animation. This technology was designed by INMOS for their TRANSPUTER and then further developed by APPLE, at which point it was given the name "FIRE WIRE". The IEEE 1394 signal has an intermediate characteristic between serial and parallel transmission. It transmits serial data and clock signal in parallel, and countermeasures cable skew (propagation velocity difference between two pairs) by not changing the clock signal when the data signal changes. This interface requires a new type of cable and connector. It uses high speed real-time transmission with a cable that can be connected and disconnected without turning off any device. It makes it possible to connect freely between multiple terminals without having to consider termination. MOGAMI Part No. W3208-08 is specifically designed for the IEEE 1394 standard, and offers the following features.
  1. Low attenuation
  2. High propagation velocity
  3. Low cable skew
Therefore, it carries data transmission with enough margin to be used for longer runs than the recommended maximum length of 4.5m (14.75Ft) per cable in the IEEE 1394 standard. Incidentally, the maximum applicable length of all the connected cables in one Fire Wire system, excluding a bus bridge on any one bus, is limited to 4.5m × 15 pcs for a total of 67.5m (14.75Ft × 15 pcs = 221.25Ft).
  • 6p connector cable assembly is available to order in 10cm (0.394") interval. Specify required length at XX part of the cable assembly part number of W5086-XX.
    Example: In case of 1.2m, it is W5086-12, while in case of 4.5m, it is W5086-45.
  • Bulk cable is available in 77m (250 Ft) and 153m (500 Ft) roll.


Pin No. Signal Comment
1 Y P Cable Power
2 V G Cable Ground
3 TPB Strobe on receive, Data on transmit
(differential pair)
5 TPA Data on receive , Strobe on transmit
(differential pair)

Configuration IEEE1394 Fire Wire w3208d
Part No. W3208
Core Configuration 2×Balanced Signal Pair
2×Power Conductor
Balanced Signal Pair Conductor Size (mm²) 0.0886mm² (#28AWG)
Insulation Ov. Dia.(mm) 1.0Ø (0.0394"Ø)
Material CPP
Colors Red/Green, Blue/Orange
Shield 1st Shield Aluminum Tape Shield
2nd Shield Copper Braid Shield
Power Conductor Conductor Size (mm²) 0.341mm² (#22AWG)
Insulation Ov. Dia.(mm) 1.2Ø (0.0472"Ø)
Material PVC
Colors Black/White
Insulation Taping between two individual core braided
shields and overall aluminum tape shielding
Twofold Polyester Tape
Ov. Shield 1st Shield Aluminum Tape Shield
2nd Shield Copper Braid Shield
Ov. Jacket Ov. Dia.(mm) 6.1Ø (0.240"Ø)
Material Flexible PVC
Color Dark Gray
Roll Sizes 77/153m (250Ft/500Ft)
Weight per 77m (250Ft) Roll 4.5kg

Signal Pair Impedance Differential 110W±6W
Common Mode 33W±6W
Attenuation (at 4.5m) 100MHz: 1.3dB
200MHz: 1.9dB
400MHz: 3.1dB
Propagation Velocity 4.35nS/m
Relative Propagation Skew (at 4.5m) 76ps
Power Pair Characteristic Impedance (Differential) 53W
DC Resistance at 20°C (at 4.5m) 0.235W
Crosstalk (at 1MHz‾500MHz) -52dB
Tensile Strength 882 N
Emigration Non-emigrant to ABS resin
Applicable Temperature -10°C‾ +60°C(-14°F‾ +140°F)
Standard IEEE 1394, UL 2560 AWM 60°C 30V VW-1